ABBA 120

ABBA Caving: The Winner Takes It All


ABBA Caving is resource gathering game originally created by VintageBeef for the Mindcrack server.  The basic premise is that individuals or teams try to gather as many resources as possible in a fixed time.  Different resources give different scores, and a total score added up for each participant or team.  Named after a song by the band ABBA, "The Winner Takes It All" - the player or team with the highest score gets to keep all of the resources gathered by all teams.

Starting a GameEdit

Each round of ABBA Caving during the Mumbolympics will consist of 2 players, from opposing teams. When both players are ready, they will be simultaneously teleported to the start position by server moderators. The 20 minutes mining time begin immediately following the teleportation.


  • All players must start and end at the same time.
  • A Silk Touch diamond pickaxe should be used by all participants
  • Each player has 20 minutes to gather as many ores as possible
  • An ore is only claimed once it is safely in your inventory. It may be stolen at any time before that.
  • Players may dig in any direction from the start point, and may explore any open caves, tunnels or mineshafts.
  • If a player dies, they will be returned to the start point. Any dropped ores can be claimed by their opponent, if they can find them.

Point SystemEdit

Points are awarded per ore block in each players inventory at the end of the allotted time, based on the following table.

Ore/Item Points
Emeralds 7
Diamonds 5
Gold 3
Lapis Lazuli 1
Redstone 0.25
Iron 0.1


The following table shows who is scheduled to play each round of ABBA Caving. Scores will be added to the table at the end of each round. There will be two rounds of pre-elimination to even out the playing field.

Section Round Name Team Score
Pre-Elimination 1 WitheredAway Red
Dan_The_Man_999 Green
2 RedJambo Red
TheWGBbroz Blue

(Heat 1)

1 Winner of Round 1


Winner of Round 2


2 Photon_Man Blue
ToastInTheHole Yellow
3 tycho1984 Red
toad_bunny Green
4 JiaLiPandafox Yellow
WhisperFire26 Red
5 ebalmain Blue
LiamBogurYT Yellow
6 FamilyCraft_Mom Blue
Troop1701 Yellow
7 Z_Magic_Man Green
Hanzzer1 Blue
8 EngineerWilky Blue
Babyyyz~ Yellow

(Heat 2)

1 Round 1 Winner TBA
Round 2 Winner
2 Round 3 Winner
Round 4 Winner
3 Round 5 Winner
Round 6 Winner
4 Round 7 Winner
Round 8 Winner

(Heat 3)

1 Round 1 Winner

(Heat 2)

Round 4 Winner

(Heat 2)

2 Round 2 Winner

(Heat 2)

Round 3 Winner

(Heat 2)

Finals 1 Round 1 Winner

(Heat 3)

Round 2 Winner

(Heat 3)